How it works

When you join, we’ll send you a KOBA Rider that easily plugs into your car through an OBD-II port (usually located under the steering wheel). This securely measures your km and powers our app in real-time. Once plugged in, your KOBA Rider will connect and activate automatically.

Then, through our KOBA mobile app, you’ll be able to see trips, costs and policy docs almost instantly.

  1. Plug in your KOBA Rider.
  2. Download our App.
  3. Start driving. We've got you covered from your policy start-date.

Data security and privacy is important to us, so we only use what you allow us to.

How do you charge?

At KOBA, our pay-as-you-drive model means your bill will change each month depending on how much you travel.

Every KOBA customer has 2 calculations:

  1. An upfront fixed cost - This covers your car while it’s parked from incidents like fire, theft, 3rd party damage and hail for example.
  2. A per-km-rate - the cost per kilometre you drive. Our customers can pay from as little as 3¢ per kilometre. This cost is calculated at the end of each month and is your per-km-rate x the number of km you’ve driven (as measured through your KOBA Rider).

Get a quote to join KOBA today.