Choice of Repairer Car Insurance (Exploring the Pros and Cons)

Choosing an insurance policy can be tricky given all the unique benefits and features that different insurance providers can offer. One of the most notable benefits you might receive is a choice of repairer option. What exactly does this mean? It means you can choose the repair shop where your vehicle gets fixed should it be damaged. This can involve several positives and negatives depending on the provider you choose, as policies can vary between insurers.

There’s also an alternative that, after reading this article, you might consider as an  option. This option refers to an insurer’s preferred repairer. In this article, we define a choice of repairer car insurance, discuss what an insurer preferred repairer is and discuss the pros and cons of a choice of this option.

What does ‘choice of repairer’ in car insurance mean?

Choice of repairer is a car insurance option that allows you to choose your own repairer. If you’re in an incident where your car receives damages and requires repairs, you can provide your own quote to the insurance company from a repairer of your choice. This might provide many benefits, but it can also incur some negatives, depending on your insurance provider. If you have a trustworthy repairer who always gives you a fair price for repairs, it’s understandable that you might want to use their services. Keep in mind, though, that a choice of repairer option may mean you pay a higher premium.

What does ‘insurer preferred repairer’ mean?

When determining if a choice of repairer option is best for you, it might be a good idea to first understand the alternative option. The alternative is an insurer’s preferred repairer. This means if your vehicle requires repairs, your insurance provider chooses a repairer from their network. This may also include pros and cons, but with the right insurance provider, you might end up saving money, time and effort getting your car repaired. If you’re choosing an insurer preferred repairer option, it might be a good idea to check out reviews on your proposed insurance provider.

Pros and cons of a choice of repairer policy

In considering which insurance policy is best for you, consider examiningg the pros and cons. When reviewing the pros and cons, keep in mind that policy features, pricing and benefits may vary depending on the insurance provider. Below, you can find the typical pros and cons of a choice of repairer option:


Below, you can review some of the positive aspects of being able to choose your own repairer:

  • You choose your own repairer: One of the major benefits comes down to trust. Some car owners have repairers they’ve utilised for several years. They may trust these repairers and prefer them to work on their vehicles compared to strangers. However, unless you take part in demolition derbies, you probably aren’t on a first-name basis with a panel beater (who is most likely going to repair your vehicle). 
  • You can choose a specialist repairer: If you’re fortunate enough to own a classic or unique collector’s vehicle, you might prefer a specialist repairer. Depending on the insurance provider, a specialist repairer might not be in their network of repairers. Some vehicles have complex technology that requires specialist knowledge. Some people believe if you can choose your own repairer, your car might receive more professional repairs.


Below, you can explore some of the negative aspects of choosing your own repairer:

  • Increased premiums: More often than not, a choice of repairer option is going to increase your premium. So, while you get to choose your own repairer, you typically could end up paying more for it in the long run. 
  • You rely on the repairer’s guarantee: One of the biggest negatives of choosing a repairer is that you may have to rely on the repairer’s guarantee. You might be okay with this if you trust your repairer, but it’s worth checking if they also offer a lifetime repair guarantee that some insurers offer. If you use an insurer provided repairer, the insurer may offer a lifetime guarantee that the repairs are professional, effective and in compliance with road legislation.
  • You might pay more than your excess: If your repairer provides a quote that the insurance provider deems unreasonable, you may be required to pay additional costs. For example, if the quote is for $1,500 but the insurer thinks $1,000 is reasonable, you may be required to pay that $500 difference.

Choice of repairer vs. insurer preferred repairer 

Whether your own repairer or a repairer from a car insurer is the better option can be subjective and depend on many factors. If you choose the right car insurers, you might benefit from cheaper repair costs, a lifetime guarantee on those repairs, streamlined organisation and a hassle-free process. The reason you might choose a choice of repairer comes down to personal preference. 

Why KOBA Insurance is a provider you can trust

At KOBA Insurance, we offer a lifetime guarantee on repairs that we authorise under a claim for as long as you own the car. This means we vouch for the repairs made to your vehicle and believe quality craftsmanship is involved. We have a professional network of  repairers who possess integrity and take great pride in their work. KOBA Insurance also offers comprehensive car insurance coverage. This comprehensive cover incorporates modern technology that tracks the distances you travel. When calculating your premium, KOBA calculates two premiums: your parking premium which is an upfront fixed cost for coverage while you’re parked, and your driving premium, a per-KM rate that applies per KM you drive. The less you drive, the less you pay.

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