Car Sharing in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide to Top Providers

Car sharing is revolutionising the way Australians think about mobility. With the rise of urbanisation and a growing emphasis on eco-friendly transportation, car sharing has become a popular choice. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the top car-sharing providers in Australia, optimising for branded keywords to help you make an informed choice.

GoGet Car Share:

The pioneer of car sharing in Australia, GoGet offers a wide range of vehicles from compact cars to vans. Their extensive fleet and established presence make them a top choice.


Operating primarily in Melbourne and Sydney, Flexicar provides a variety of vehicles for on-demand bookings, perfect for short trips and errands.

Uber Carshare (previously Car Next Door):

Uber Carshare is a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform connecting car owners with renters. It’s an eco-friendly and community-driven option available in multiple Australian cities.


With a presence in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide, Popcar offers a variety of vehicles for members. Their easy-to-use service makes booking a breeze.

KINTO Share:

KINTO Share: A car-sharing service provided by Toyota, operating in Sydney and Melbourne. They offer a fleet of Toyota vehicles for members to use.


Turo is a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform that connects travellers with local car owners who are willing to rent out their vehicles. While Turo is a global platform, it also operates in select Australian cities, providing a unique and flexible car-sharing experience.

Explore the various car-sharing providers in Australia, and choose the one that best suits your needs and location. Enjoy the convenience, cost savings and eco-friendly benefits of car sharing as it continues to transform urban transportation Down Under.

Carsharing and KOBA Insurance:

KOBA is the one of the only Australian insurers that actively support the car sharing industry. In 2022, KOBA created a partnership with Uber Carshare (formally Car Next Door) to build a product specifically for Uber Carshare customers.

Designed for Car Sharing:

Uniquely designed with Uber Carshare, KOBA offers car share owners pay-per-KM insurance when they’re using their car. Owners get comprehensive coverage which covers their car while it’s parked between bookings, and a unique per-KM rate for insurance while driving.

Synced with Instant Keys Technology:

KOBA works with Uber Carshare’s Instant Keys GPS device^.

By automatically switching between KOBA and Uber Carshare, our integrated tech distinguishes when your car is used for personal use and measures the KM you drive so you, as the owner, pay for the insurance you use.

As a KOBA customer, you pay a few cents per KM you drive, and an upfront cost to cover your car while parked for incidents like theft, fire, hail, etc.

You can download the KOBA app to track trips, costs and policy docs.

Looking to join Uber Carshare and looking for an insurance quote? Get a quote online.



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