3 reasons affordable insurance is more important than ever.

In today’s society, there are many essentials that each family and household requires. The problem is that the cost of these essentials is on the rise, from fuel and healthcare, to education and housing. Now, more than ever, it’s important to save where you can to ensure you can afford the essentials that contribute to your quality of life. It might come as a surprise, but one essential – car insurance – is where you can save money. In this article, we share three reasons you should seek affordable car insurance and detail how KOBA Insurance and our comprehensive car insurance policy could help you counteract the rising prices of essentials.

3 reasons affordable car insurance is important:

There are plenty of reasons to swap to an affordable car insurance cover. Most notably, the rising prices of general life essentials. Arguably, the three most important essentials might be housing, education and healthcare. Below, we discuss how the rising prices of these essentials are reason enough to gain an affordable comprehensive car insurance policy:

1. Rising housing prices

One of the main reasons you might swap to an affordable insurance cover is to compensate for the rising housing prices. Not only are property prices on the rise, but so too are rent rates, council rates and the general ongoing costs of maintenance. Saving for a house or ensuring you have enough money to pay rent each week is reason enough to seek a car insurance policy that could help you save money.

2. Increasing healthcare costs

From general check-ups to specialist medical services, everyone usually requires healthcare services at some stage in their life. It’s an essential service that’s hard to plan for. You never know when an accident might happen, so it’s important to have some money saved for when the time comes. Choosing an insurance policy with reasonable car insurance premiums could be a solution for saving money for your healthcare essentials. 

3. Growing education fees

Along with healthcare and housing, education is crucial for ensuring the development of younger generations. If you have children, you likely understand how expensive their education can be, but also how important it is for them. Saving for your children’s healthcare and education is no small feat and can require saving techniques wherever possible. Finding cheaper car insurance might be a surprising solution that could help you save money. 

How KOBA’s comprehensive car insurance could save you money

KOBA Insurance is an innovative insurance provider that could be the solution to finding cheap car insurance. There are many types of car insurance policies, from third-party car insurance policies to pay-as-you-drive policies. Here at KOBA, we do things a bit differently, which is why, as a policyholder with us, you might experience savings on your premiums. With KOBA Insurance, you pay per kilometre, which means we include the number of KM you drive into your car insurance premium. You can expect to pay from a few cents per a kilometre.

As a policyholder with KOBA, you pay two premiums: a driving premium and an upfront fixed premium. The driving premium covers you for when you’re driving your vehicle and we calculate this by applying your personalised per-KM rate to the number of kilometres you drive. The second premium is your upfront fixed premium, which covers your vehicle while it’s parked. Our implementation of advanced telematics technology is where you might save money. Through our telematics device – the KOBA Rider – we collect ‘behind-the-wheel’ data that helps us calculate fair and accurate premiums.

The KOBA solution to rising prices

In a time of rising living costs, it’s important to look to save where you can without compromising your essentials. As a policyholder with KOBA Insurance, you could have peace of mind knowing you have comprehensive cover, all the while potentially saving money to ensure you can keep up with the rising costs of essentials.

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