Extra Customer Help & Support

Support for Vulnerable Customers

We are committed to taking extra care with customers who experience vulnerability. We recognise that a person’s vulnerabilities can give rise to unique needs, and that their needs can change over time and in response to particular situations.

A person’s vulnerability may be due to a range of factors such as:

  • age,
  • disability,
  • mental health conditions,
  • physical health conditions,
  • family violence,
  • language barriers,
  • literacy barriers,
  • cultural background,
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status,
  • remote location, or
  • financial distress.

We encourage you to tell us about your vulnerability so that we can work with you to arrange support; otherwise, there is a risk that we may not find out about it.

If you tell us, or we identify, that due to a vulnerability you need additional support or assistance, we will work with you and try to find a suitable, sensitive and compassionate way for us to proceed. We will do this as early as practicable and we will protect your right to privacy.

If you tell us, or we identify, that you need additional support from someone else (for example, a lawyer, consumer representative, interpreter or friend), then we will recognise this and allow for it in all reasonable ways. We will try to make sure our processes are flexible enough to recognise the authority of your support person.

Additional support may include making it easier for you to communicate with us, referring you to a financial counsellor or an appropriate community support service.

Asking for help

Our employees are trained and equipped to support customers experiencing vulnerability. We’ll always do our best to prioritise customers who need our help and support.

Asking for help isn’t easy. However, we encourage you or your representative to advise us of any extra care you may need. We’ll ask to record your information so we can arrange support.

Call us on 03 6159 2000 or email us at [email protected]

Support resources

If you need extra support, it can help to know what support is available. Here are some links to helpful information, tools and services: