WIN! Public charging for 10 years

With KOBA Electric Vehicle Comprehensive Insurance.
Now available for Tesla.
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To celebrate our EV insurance launch, we’ve teamed up
with Evie Networks to offer one lucky winner
public charging for 10 years!*

To enter, purchase a new KOBA EV Insurance policy during the campaign period (between 12.01am (AEDT) April 3rd, 2024 and 11.59pm (AEST) on August 14th, 2024).  Each new EV policy receives 1 entry into the draw.

The lucky winner will receive public charging vouchers with Evie Networks, with each voucher valued at $750.00, issued once a year for 10 years!*

How to enter 

Purchase a KOBA EV comprehensive insurance policy (available for Tesla) by 14th August, 2024.

Terms and Conditions apply.*

KOBA app

Smart tech means smart car insurance

How is KOBA EV Insurance for Tesla different?

Sync your Tesla to our app for a smarter digital experience, including driving stats, costs per trip and proactive car care services.

And pay-per-KM at the heart, our insurance is smart enough to know how much you’re using your car. Spread the cost of your insurance by paying an upfront fixed cost and a few cents per KM you drive each month.

Whats more? Enjoy EV-centric features` including:

  • Tesla certified repairers in our network
  • Lifetime repair guarantee
  • Charging equipment cover
  • New car replacement within first 24 months of registration
  • EV car hire after theft
  • EV car hire after a not-at-fault accident


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About Evie Networks

Fast & Ultra-Fast Electric Car Charging Stations Across Australia

Evie Networks is Australia’s leading public fast-charging network. With hundreds of charging stations across every state and territory, getting from A to B is easy with Evie.

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Choose from the options below to see if our current EV insurance might be right for you.


(<25,000KM / year)

Perfect! Our newly launched EV
insurance could be a good fit for you.

Start a quote today.


(>25,000KM / year)

Our EV Insurance has a pay-per-KM feature, so our product is ideal for Tesla owners who drive <25,000KM / year.

Stay tuned as we add new features.


(not into Teslas)

Our EV Insurance currently only covers Tesla as we connect to vehicle data.

Register to help decide which EV brand to natively connect to next.


What’s included in my coverage?

This product is a summary of our Electric Vehicle Insurance. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Please read the full PDS & FSG for details. 

Get comprehensive cover that’s designed specifically for Electric Vehicles. Get coverage for your car and damage you might cause to other people’s property. Spread the cost of your insurance by paying an upfront fixed cost and from a few cents per kilometre you drive.

Cost of repairing or replacing your car should loss or damage occur due to an incident such as collision, theft, vandalism, storm, hail, flood or fire for example.

Up to $20m legal liability cover for damage your car might cause to other people’s vehicles or property.

A lifetime guarantee on repairs that we authorise under a claim for as long as you own the car.

If your car is written off in the first 24 months of its registration and has less than 50,000KM on the odometer, we’ll replace it with a new one.

Reasonable costs of towing and storage following an incident we cover.

We’ll reimburse costs for the daily cost for a small or mid-size EV hire car for a Not At Fault claim, up to $85 per day for a maximum of 14 days.

If an Incident causes accidental loss or damage to Your Car, and the same incident causes accidental loss or damage to charging cables, wall boxes and adaptors installed at your home for the purpose of charging Your Car, we will pay to repair or replace these items. Up to $2500 in total.

You can choose an Agreed value for your car so you always know what your car is covered for.

You don’t need to list all of your car’s accessories and options with KOBA. They’re covered as part of your car. Please note there are some modifications that we do not cover and we’ll let you know about these when you get a quote or buy a policy.

We pay for damage to baby seats as a result of a claim up to $500 per item and a maximum of $1,000 in total.

Up to $500 for your accommodation and emergency travel if you are more than 200 kilometres from home and Your Car cannot be driven.

If we agree your claim is for a Not At Fault Incident, we will arrange and pay the daily cost for a small or mid-size EV hire car.

Choice of Repairer

If you purchase this option, you may choose any licenced EV repairer of your choice, which may also be a repairer from our preferred repairer network.

Hire car or Alternative transport

If Your Car is being repaired or recovered as a result of a claim, we’ll reimburse you for the daily cost of a small or mid-size EV hire car or reimburse you for the costs of any alternative transport during that time up to $85 a day for a maximum of 21 days.

Excess-free Glass cover

You won’t pay an excess if you make a claim for damage that only affects your windscreen, sunroof or window glass and no other parts of Your Car. We do not cover damage to a fixed all-glass roof under this cover.