Understanding the Tesla Connection

How does KOBA sync with your Tesla vehicle?

Once you sign up to KOBA Electric Vehicle insurance, the next step is to connect your car’s vehicle data. KOBA syncs to your car so we can measure the distance you drive and give you updates about your EV and the way you use it. KOBA’s EV insurance is currently available for Tesla vehicles only. 

Following purchase, policyholders initiate the vehicle connection by granting permission for KOBA to access and receive telemetry information. There are a few touchpoints where you can connect your Tesla vehicle to KOBA:

  1. Immediately following purchase on the next screen;
  2. Through a link on the KOBA customer email which also sends you your insurance certificate and tax invoice; or
  3. Via the KOBA app.

To enable access, policyholders follow the prompts from KOBA to log into their Tesla account, authorising KOBA access to their vehicle data via its integration partner. This authorisation occurs within the Tesla user account, ensuring a secure and controlled environment. Notably, KOBA never accesses a user’s Tesla account email or password.

As part of the process, policyholders are prompted to select the specific data available for third-party access. These permissions are organised into scopes that Tesla has regulated and delineates information. For KOBA, the third-party access required includes: 

  1. Vehicle Information: Allow access to your vehicle information, including data such as your vehicle’s live data, location, eligible upgrades, nearby superchargers, ownership, and service scheduling data.
  2. Vehicle Charging Management: Allow access to your vehicle charging management, including data such as your vehicle charging history, billed amount, charging location, commands to schedule, and start/stop charging.

Once connected, KOBA can access information from the permitted car, including driving behaviour, such as the distances you’ve driven, odometer readings, trips and other vehicle information such as battery status indicators.

Information and data security is important to KOBA and we are privileged that you share it with us.  We work hard to earn this trust and continuously work to keep it safe and secure. 

Worried what might happen if you provide incorrect access?

If you accidentally click on different checkboxes to the above, not to worry! You can reset them by removing and then re-enabling third-party access. Additionally, policyholders have the flexibility to remove third-party app access at any time through the Tesla portal. It’s important to note however that if you do purchase a KOBA EV Insurance policy, permission to connect your car’s vehicle data is a condition of your cover.




*KOBA Electric Vehicle Comprehensive Car Insurance is currently only available for Tesla Vehicles.

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