Interview: Meet Chris Titley. Sub11 & the voice of our industry.

Meet Chris Titley, if you don’t know Chris, you should. Chris’s podcast, content, and view on innovation in Fintech is second to none. Chris recently launched Sub 11, a joint venture with Euphemia (Dom Pym, Founder of Up Bank, and Judy Anderson Firth, ex-CEO of Start-Up Victoria), to use content as the catalyst to drive meaningful change and outcomes in emerging tech.

Tell us a bit about yourself and Sub11?

I’ve personally been involved in Australian Equity markets for nearly 20 years, based in Brisbane, as well as the UK and now established Sub11 (A joint venture with investment partner Euphemia) to use content as the catalyst to drive meaningful outcomes for emerging technology companies.

How long have you been in the start-up game?

7 years – started in 2015- the same year I launched the “Morgans Startup Series” profiling startups and investors. I made my first startup investment in 2016.

What’s wrong with the insurance world?

For me – I have really zero input in to the methodology of price increases – it seems every year it rises above inflation. I also think it’s a bit one size fits all or a bit of a guessing game. Ie how much is your contents worth etc?

Why are they so slow to adopt new technologies and customer centric principles?

Can’t really comment on the slowness – but I feel it’s a product that you inevitably accept and pay without really knowing whether it’s going to be a fair deal when you claim and or the restrictions around it all. In some instances it’s not clear.

If you were to redesign an insurance product, where would you start and what category (eg. car, home, commercial, drone) would it be in?

A bit of a choose your own adventure style would be nice with parameters that assist the consumer with the knowledge that in the unfortunate situation you have to claim that everything is going to be ok – whilst also providing value for money. Maybe what home loans do – the longer you are customer or more data you provide the lower the premium. A dashboard would also be useful of all your insurance so you can monitor renewals, adjust excesses etc.

What do you like about KOBA’s insurance solution? What do you see as the biggest obstacles ahead?

I like the concept of the variability and not one size fits all! The challenge in my view would be how KOBA gets their name out there!