Welcome to Insurance designed for Electric Vehicles. Now available for Tesla.

Who are we?

KOBA is an award-winning car insurance agency designed to disrupt the way we all think about insurance coverage.   

With innovation at the core, KOBA offers Australia’s first EV-specific insurance, rewarding customers with driving stats and car care monitoring. We believe that technology contributes to improved outcomes, much like the environmental outcomes of driving an EV.

So we have created a specialist product that takes the nuances of EV ownership into consideration, whilst harnessing what we’ve learnt over the years with our Pay Per Kilometre and Car Sharing Comprehensive products.

What makes us different from traditional insurance providers?

Traditional insurance providers need to be able to estimate the risk posed by a pool of customers. Put simply, your premium may have a pricing component added that reflects other, riskier drivers. 

At KOBA, we connect to your car’s systems, using the rich data within to understand your driving patterns. This helps to create a more accurate view of how you drive and charge a premium that reflects it, because your insurance should be catered to you, and you alone.   

What’s included in the insurance?

Here is a snapshot:

Loss or damage to other people’s property – Up to $20m legal liability cover for damage your car might ​cause to other people’s vehicles or property.

New car replacement – If your car is written off in the first 24 months of its ​registration and has less than 50,000km on the odometer, ​we’ll replace it with a new one.

EV Hire car or Alternative transport We’ll pay for an EV hire car or alternative transport if ​your car is stolen , up to $85 per day for a maximum of 14 ​days.  And if you’re not at fault in an accident we’ll pay for an EV hire car up to $85 per day until your car is repaired or we pay you.

Lifetime repair guarantee A lifetime guarantee on repairs that we authorise under a claim for as long as you own the car.

Towing costs – We cover you for reasonable costs of towing and storage following an incident.

Agreed value – At KOBA, we use an Agreed value for your car so you always know what your car is covered for.

And some optional covers if you want them…

  • 21 day EV Hire Car or Alternative Transport option to keep you on the road for all incidents.
  • Excess-free Glass Cover: Up to one excess free claim when the damage is windscreen, sunroof or window glass only. 
  • Choice of Repairer:  This option allows you to elect a licenced EV repairer of your own choosing who may or may not be part of our network. We have our own network of  EV certified repairers, including 30+ Tesla certified.  

OK, but my current insurer has a lot of these items – how are you actually different?

Pay as you drive – Because technology should make life better. You pay an upfront component of your premium, then a few cents per kilometre as you drive. 

Specialist repairs – We understand that repairing an EV appropriately can be a challenge, and we’ve heard the horror stories. So we’ve developed a network of repairers who are certified to repair EV’s including Tesla.

Charging Equipment Cover – Charging equipment is critical to the use of your EV. It can also be costly to replace. This is why every policy we sell comes with $2500 worth of cover specifically for your home charging equipment if it is damaged in a claimable incident.

EV Hire Car – we will pay for a small or mid sized EV vehicle for up to 14 days and $85 a day if your car is stolen and until your car is repaired or we pay a total loss where you make a not at fault claim. 

I’m in! How do I get a quote?

We are kicking off our specialist EV product with Tesla vehicles, so if you own one, click here to jump into our online quote tool.

But fear not, we will be expanding to a range of other brands soon, so if you want to be kept in the loop with all things KOBA, click here to leave us your details. 




*KOBA Electric Vehicle Comprehensive Car Insurance is currently only available for Tesla Vehicles.

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