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1 KM = $0.05
2 KM = $0.10
3 KM = $0.15
8 KM = $0.40
10 KM = $0.50
14 KM = $0.70
15 KM = $0.75
$0.75 + $35.00 Premium = $35.75
KOBA's real-time insurance means you only pay for what you use.
So, the less you drive, the more you save


Switch to pay-by-kilometre insurance today and start paying what’s right for your lifestyle... more >


Pay an upfront fixed cost to cover your car while parked, and a few cents for each km you drive... more >


Our real-time, comprehensive car insurance means you only pay-as-you-drive... more >
Step 1
Join KOBA and start your policy.
Your car is covered by an upfront fixed cost while parked and a unique cents-per-km rate while driving.
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Step 2
Sync our KOBA mobile app to your car.
We send you a KOBA Rider in the post to count the number of km you drive. This easily plugs in under your car’s dash and syncs with our app.
Step 3
See trips and costs to insure in real-time.
Download our mobile app and see trips, costs and policy info almost instantly.
Only pay for the insurance you use.
That's smart insurance.
We are making the news.

“How does KOBA work?”

When you get a new quote, you’ll see two calculations, one to cover your car while parked and your per-km rate... more >

“How do I plug in the KOBA Rider?”

You can plug in the KOBA Rider in seconds... more >

“I've told my insurer how much I drive, how is paying per km different?”

Other insurers find it difficult to measure how much you drive. With KOBA, you pay-as-you-drive... more >

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